Amy Singer - Tapu Tahrir Defterlrri and Kadi Sicilleri

Andrew C. Hess - the Ottoman conquest of Egypt 1517 and the beginning of the sixteenth-century

B Masters - the Limits of Tolerance the Social Status of non – Muslim in the Ottoman Arab Land

Barkey - Bandits and Bureaucrats - The Ottoman Route to State Centalization

Barkey - Bandits and Bureaucrats- Conclusion

Bernard Lewis - Ottoman Observer Of Ottoman Decline

Celbi - The Intimate Life of an Ottoman Statesman

Ehud Toledano - The Emergence of Ottoman-Local Elites 1700-1900

Goffman - Ottoman Millets in the Early 17TH Centur

Gulru Necipoglu - A Kanun for the State, A Kanun for the Arts

Halil Inalacik - Istanbul - An Islamic City

Hathaway - Transformations in the 17th and 18th century Egyptian Military Society

Holt - The Overthrow of the Mamluk Sultanate

Itzkowitz - Eighteenth Century Ottoman Realities

Kafadar - The Construction of the Ottoman State

Lindner Rubi P - Stimulus and justification

M Ma'oz - Ottoman Rule in Syria and Palestine 1840-61

Madeline C Zilfi –Origins of the Ulama Aristocracy

Pamuk - The Disintegration of the Ottoman Monetary System During the 17th Century

Peirce - The Imperial Harem Institution / Pierce 2

Raymond - the Ottoman Conquest and the Development of the Arab Towns

Speros Vryonis - Religious Changes and Patterns in the Balkans 14TH -16TH Centuries

Wittek Paul - The Rise of The Ottoman Empire

סיכום השיעור כפי שנלמד אצל ד"ר מירי שפר, 2003

סיכום שיעור, אופציה 2

הכנה לבוחן האמצע - סיכום הספר של אהוד טולדאנו

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